Monday, March 20, 2006

Women - Alternative Authority - Peace

How many more minutesCan women stand,Of the insanity of man?Our debts are not monetary,They are planetary.We must therefore,Give ourselves,The authorityTo shape a world,Of unity and sustainability.For women have neverBeen given a chanceTo shape earth’s destinyEn-masse,Therefore we must take itAnd learn to dress ourselvesIn garments ofAlternative authority.Peace All WaysBy Jane Evershed 2006

In Honor Of Women

The Women Who Walk Miles To Feed Their FamiliesThank YouWomen Who Love When No Love Is ReturnedThank YouWomen Who Dance The Stories Of The AncientsThank YouWomen Who Loose Their Children And Keep On GoingThank YouWomen Who Speak Their Truth To Educate OthersThank YouWomen Of Beauty Who Know Their Power Is To ShareThank YouWomen Who Mother When Mothering Is Called Upon For HealingThank YouWomen Who Love Men Enough To Respect Their DifferencesThank YouWomen Who Love Themselves Enough To Come ForwardThank YouWomen Who Know The Truth Of Their SoulThank YouIn Honor Of YouWe Honor WomenAnd SayThank YouCopyright Joana Ukali March 2006 San Francisco, Ca

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